Portuguese for foreigners (group course)

Group classes are carefully designed to meet the needs of students from all over the world who want to learn and improve their Portuguese language skills. In this mode you will find:

  • Interactive and Social Learning: by participating in online group classes, you will have the opportunity to interact and practice with peers from different cultural backgrounds, enriching your learning experience and promoting cultural exchange.

  • Beginners to Advanced Levels: we offer different classes to suit all levels of proficiency, from beginners who are starting their language journey to those who want to improve their skills at more advanced levels.

  • Small classes: with classes of up to 6 students, the teacher can dedicate more time to each student, allowing direct interaction and frequent opportunities to clarify doubts and offer specific guidance. This limited amount also encourages more active communication between students, creating a collaborative environment where it is easier to practice the language and exchange learning experiences.


Get to know in detail the levels offered by Fluência:

Basic Level 1:

Indicated for those who are starting their journey in the Portuguese language. This course is ideal for new learners who have little or no prior exposure to the language. Students will learn how to communicate in everyday situations, such as greeting, introducing themselves, asking for basic information, and carrying out simple interactions.

Basic Level 2:

Aimed at students who already have some basic knowledge of Portuguese. At this level, participants will expand their vocabulary and communication skills. They will deepen grammatical structures and be able to participate in more elaborate conversations, describe personal experiences and understand simple texts.

Intermediate Level 1:

Recommended for those who already have a solid foundation in Portuguese. In this internship, students will improve their listening and reading skills, as well as their ability to speak and write on more complex topics. They will be able to participate in debates, describe past and future events, and interact more independently in diverse situations.

Intermediate Level 2:

Suitable for students who already have consolidated intermediate skills. At this level, the focus is on deepening grammatical understanding, expanding vocabulary and developing speaking and writing skills in more advanced contexts. Students will be able to discuss complex topics, write more elaborate texts and participate in social and professional interactions.

Advanced Level 1:

Intended for students who already have a considerable command of the language. At Advanced Level 1, participants will further improve their skills in oral expression, written comprehension, critical analysis and participation in sophisticated debates. They will be able to address cultural, social and professional issues in a deeper and more articulated way.

Advanced Level 2:

Recommended for highly proficient learners who want to improve their language skills to a near-native level. In this stage, students will improve their fluency, refining complex grammatical details and expanding their vocabulary for specific topics. They will be able to participate in advanced discussions, produce refined texts and understand subtle cultural nuances.

Note: If necessary, you can take a placement test which will determine which level you are at.

Schedule/schedule: classes take place twice a week lasting 1h30min each, totaling 3 hours a week. The total workload for each level is 66 hours, equivalent to approximately five months.

Join us in the exciting world of Portuguese and embark on a borderless linguistic and cultural journey. Our school looks forward to joining you on your journey of learning and discovery!