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No matter where you are in the world, our online courses allow you to study from anywhere with an internet connection.
Just one click and you will be connected to the world of Portuguese.

What do students say?

"I really like the didactics used at the Fluência school. What stands out, in my opinion, is the unique ability to subtly feel the student and correctly understand their ideas and issues, even in the face of cultural and linguistic differences. In combination with an excellent knowledge of the theoretical part, the teaching approach becomes flexible, elegant and incredibly effective. Truly a rare and incredibly valuable didactic!"

Ivan Pozdnyakov

"The classes were engaging and helpful. Everything was great, the school offers a great mix of listening, speaking and activities, practical knowledge and a safe and supportive learning environment. As a student, you feel encouraged to learn and try out new skills, you feel supported in doing so, and you get valuable feedback that helps you improve."

Ana Lia

"I'm very happy with the progress my son is having! I can see that he is speaking Portuguese much better and is making an effort to speak a few words! He is doing everything well and the tendency is only to improve. Thank you very much!"

Gisele Matos
Mother of a PLH student
United States

"It is an excllent course. Alessandra is an amazing teacher. She is compassionate and you can clearly see that she loves teaching, and want her students to do well. She brings lessons to a normal conclusion point, she does not just follow the clock, and finish abruptly. She has incredible patience and the school has a great structure of teaching."

Maenge Kali

"The course was easy to understand and well structured. The digital notebook is an excellent way to review previous lessons."

Massimiliano Galea

Instagram feed @fluenciaportugues


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